Monday, October 3, 2011

(Funny ad I wrote on Craig's list)
Do you have E-harm roid idus? Does your ass ache every time you see one of those E-harmony commercials? Then you are in need of the following new service called "It's just a disaster" dating service.
What our service provides:
We set you up with the biggest losers on this planet.
We make sure that we charge you a huge amount of money and deliver what you could already find by yourself for free on Craig's List.
We do not allow you to see your date's picture before hand, as we want to make that lasting impression on you when you see your date for the first time.
We make sure your date is even more incompatible with you then your ex could ever be.
We make sure that your date is a successful professional and has at least made it through grade school.
We set up the date for you and wait patiently for your call back telling us we "failed again."
If you are tired of paying through the nose (more than alimony) for services that never come through and want to date someone that is real and not trying to send you to websites, or sell you prescriptions at a discount, then here are the following stats:
5'10 Tall, fit and fabulous.
44, just like fine wine; aged to perfection
loves to laugh.
Does NOT have the "I Think I love You" Syndrome.
Does not intrude on the "O Zone Layer" and can balance a busy schedule along with global warming.
Has a PASSION FLAME that is eternal.

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