Monday, October 3, 2011

(Funny ad I wrote on Craig's List. I had a following of readers who loved to read my ads weekly)
Does your programming have bugs in it? My software has been patched and updated since my divorce 6 years ago and also has back up files better known as "I have moved on" version 2.0 If your programming has encountered a virus, try downloading "Majorly Passionate Woman" Version 2.2 to your hard drive and if it doesn't burn up your files caused by heat exhaustion or majorly passionate overload, then continue to copy the files to your floppy. You may contact technical support on their website at "w w w.My Baby's on Fire dot com." or you may call "1-800 I cannot believe how hot you are" 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

My files consist of the following libraries:
Tall - 5'10
44 Megabytes of memory
No kids (but my files are very user friendly to those versions of software that already have
I have Java backup files that allow the user to enjoy the outdoors, opera, plays, beach, sporting events, passion under the moonlight, romance!!

CAUTION: Due to the passionate turbo overdrive files, be sure to download to your hard drive on a daily basis or you may encounter "HOLY SHIT 911" and need back-up technical support.

Due to the C++ special programming, this version of the software is not compatible with "Separated, Married or in a Relationship" software programs. Please add the "reconciliation, lets work out our problems" software program before compromising any former data. Failure to do so would cause your hard drive to crash and burn and cause the auto pilot program to kick in better known as the "My attorney is going to eat you for dinner" program.

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